Saturday, December 28, 2013

Don't Believe the Hype! Am I a Hot Mess or Am I Perfect?

We can get can get conflicting messages from our spiritual leaders and teachers. There are some who focus on how much of a wretched person we are. Nobodies trying tell somebody, a hot mess, broken and lowly. Which keeps us in a low self- esteem, low self- worth mentality. We are never enough, so we give up and shirk personal responsibility for our lives. We become the victim who is constantly being taken advantage of, which creates bitterness, laziness, manipulation, self pity, and depression. And on the other spectrum some spiritual leaders and teachers focus on how perfect we are, all is well, We are right in what we do, our first mind is always right, and listen to our heart, it's always right. Which can lead to arrogance, superiority, delusion, self-righteousness, being judgmental of others, and the mind-set that everyone is hating on us, is jealous, and is the problem in our lives. This can make us create lives of paranoia, self-neglect, perfectionism, addictive behaviors, loneliness, and burnout. I believe we can be both depending on where we are spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and relationally.

God sees us as his perfect creation. But, our belief systems, thoughts, heart, and actions may not be. These are the things within us which need healing. Life can influence all of these things and make us move away from who God created us to be. Both teachings can lead us to a place of fantasy and not living in authenticity and truth. We become not enough or too much. How can an all loving God have us in either state? God is about wholeness and balance. So, we must begin the process of the "Great Shift". Shifting our minds to see ourselves as we are in Christ. We are God's perfect creation needing to awaken to all we are in God. We have power, authority, and wisdom. But all of this can only be tapped into as we tap into The Source. In Him we move and have our being. This means we move in the flow of God. In the God flow is where perfection, peace, joy, love, forgiveness, trust, and wholeness resides. When we're flowing with God we wake up and live in the present moment where all are needs are met and the answers to every situation is a thought and encounter away.

So, don't believe the hype, you are wonderfully and beautifully made. And you can have a life that's a hot mess. But, when you acknowledge God in all your ways, surrender to God's plan for your life, and realize the Spirit of God is within you leading you to all truth. Then you will proclaim and live out the truth of "I am God 's perfect creation who needs healing in areas of my life."

As we bring 2013 to a close I hope you embrace this truth and begin to shift your being to live your best life.

Happy New Year!

Peace and Blessings- U. L. Muhammad

Monday, December 23, 2013

Tis' The Season

As 2013 is coming to an end, we enter into a special season, the season of reflection. What worked and didn't work for you this year. In this time of reflection try something new. Go inward and look at things only from your perspective on what worked and didn't work for you this year. Allow the focus to shift off of what part others played in your situations and only see what you contributed. I will give you some tips to make this season of reflection rich and life-changing for you:

1. Start with some inspirational or instrumental music playing in the background. Something soothing and/or music with words that will uplift and inspire you. Praise and Worship music is great also.

2. Pray before you begin your introspection. Let the Spirit guide you in this time. Use this prayer time for intercession, meditation and setting your intentions for what you want to get out of the process. Example- I want to see myself more clearly and learn from the hits and misses and how to make my life better. I want to improve my relationships by seeing what I have contributed to them.

3. Have the Word of God with you during this process. You may feel led to search the Holy Scriptures during this time. Certain scriptures may be illuminated to you for a particular situation. The scriptures will give great insight, revelation and confirmation.

4. Have a journal to write down insights and words of wisdom that may be given to you during this time.

5. Be honest and expect change. Don't allow defensiveness, unforgiveness, anger, shame and guilt keep you from dealing with your core issues.
Allow the healing to reach you for true transformation.

6. End in gratitude. Give thanks for this special time and everything that has transpired this year. The great and the challenging. Let his thankfulness be your praise to God.

Remember, it's not how you start, but how you finish. Finish 2013 stronger, wiser, and with more peace and love. Merry Christmas!

Peace and Blessings- U. L. Muhammad

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Do I Need You to See Me?

There are times in our lives when we look for validation from others. This can happen in business, relationships, spiritual and social communities. It can be someone seeing how well you executed a project, someone confirming your calling/ purpose, being recognized for the deserved promotion, or a partner, friend, or family member seeing the sacrifices and attempts you've made for them. Whatever the situation, it's usually from those we admire and respect, and we can sometimes be met with rejection, betrayal, jealousy, and hurt. This can lead to feelings of anger, pain, loss of direction, confusion, and bitterness.

The key is to go inward. Why? Because the one we can change must be dealt with first, ourselves. And through the process of dealing with your emotions and getting healing you discover what's the core issue. As you start this process honor that person by not speaking ill of them. Process first, talk later, if necessary. Discretion is always wise.

First, your validation comes from God. People are just the confirmation. Learn to build a positive self image. Meditate on the Word of God allowing the words to bring life to the dry places within you. Pray and ask God to let you see yourself as you really are. In this process you may discover you need healing and may need professional counseling to assist in going deeper. Seek wise/ Godly counsel about the situation to get clarity. And then begin making changes that will lead to the life you desire.

As you go inward and deal with you, the actions and attitudes of others become illuminated by truth. What might be revealed is they are going through a personal issue, they may be intimidated by you, or they really care and support you and you misread them. Whatever you discover, see it through the lens of grace, mercy, and love. Sometimes what you may discover is they were not who you were supposed to be partnered with. Embrace the truth, and realize there's someone out there that will support, confirm, guide, and love you the way you need to be.

But most of all, there will be a day when someone will come to you seeking validation, hope, guidance and love, and you will remember what you experienced and you will allow Spirit to guide you on what your role should be in their lives, if any.

Do you need people to see you? Sometimes, but how do you see yourself? God sees and is leading you to those who will water what was planted through The Holy Spirit. Every relationship has to be filtered through the Spirit of God. It will lead to divine encounters with less stress, drama, and hurt. Go in wisdom and hope...

Peace and Blessings- U. L. Muhammad

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Gotta Help Me, Before I Can Help You!

Have you flown in an airplane and listend to the flight attendant tell you in a case of emergency to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then any children afterwards? I think this concept is true for all areas of our lives. We have to make sure we are stable and taken care of before we try to help someone else. No need in us dying trying to help someone else before we get the help we need. It sounds logical right? But, so many of us are trying to secure everyone around us and are dying in the process. Our faith, health, joy, relationships, finances, and peace of mind are dying off quickly while we are helping everyone else get their house in order. There has to be a shift in our thinking. This doesn't make us selfish or self-centered. It makes us wise. 

Do your work of healing and spiritual practices to make sure you are equipped to extend the hand of help. Allow yourself to see who you really are and make peace with what is illuminated. Be aware of your emotional state and what you feel about situations, before you try to make someone else feel good about them. Make the necessary changes to allow peace and harmony to flow into your life. Live a life of Spirituality with God as the center and the guide. This relationship is attained by your daily spiritual practices- Prayer, Meditation, Reading the Word of God, and Discipleship. Learn what God requires to live a whole and balanced life and incorporate this insight into your life. 

So, the next time you want to be someone's saviour, realize you need help first and your help comes from God and others. Receive it, and then give it. Be love. Let the healing begin...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Are We There Yet?

Have you felt stuck in that in-between time while you wait on your dreams to manifest? When you want to give up or turn back? Then this vlog will encourage you. When on a trip people often wonder when we will reach our desired destinination. And they usually ask- Are We There Yet?
I share some tools that you can use as you're in the holding pattern. Be encouraged and know it will happen for you, don't quit and keep it moving.
  1. Find a worthwhile project
  2. Surround yourself with positive people socially and creativitly
  3. Keep hope alive
  4. Give thanks for how far you've come

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Independence Day!

Today is your day for a miracle. The day you drop the baggage, excuses, and drama. The day you embrace everything that will make your life great. So, today get still and allow the Holy Spirit to speak the truth of who you are. Not all your faults and shortcomings, but all the things that make you unique and fabulous. Today you aren't going to depend on anyone to make your life work, it's all on you to make the choices to help you realize your dreams. Get excited about it, run, jump, sing because today you are becoming your authentic self in all your glory! No one can stop this revolution within you but you. So, dig deep, inhale love, joy, and acceptance. And exhale anxiety, fear, lack, and doubt. Today you are making your debut to the world. You have been underground getting yourself together now it's time to reveal the results of your Extreme Life Makeover. Don't apologize for it and show people how to deal with the new and improved you. 

Praise and give thanks you made it to today, your Independence Day! Welcome Home!

Peace and Blessings- ULM

Monday, June 10, 2013

In The Thick Of Things

There are times when we may feel like we are tangled up and bound by the situations we are facing in life. The times when trouble and turmoil abound and frustration has become our friend. In these moments we tend to be depressed, moody, critical, sad, and short-tempered. And usually the light at the end of the tunnel seems like a dot in the distance.
In these moments I believe there is something great being done. In these tough places greatness is being developed. Pain is being used as the refiner's tool in shaping you to become who you are in your essence. Some think the painful places are here to make people cynical, angry and bitter. But, the truth is this is the place of birthing out the next level of who you are. How do I become this when all hell is breaking loose in my life? By shifting your focus and your thoughts to the true intentions of the situation. Here are some ways you can shift your place of pain to your place of triumph:

First, tap into the source of everything - God. When we learn how to go to the divine it's releasing the burdens of our current situation to one that can handle it all. It is taking the pain and putting in a safe place. It's tapping into peace, love, and forgiveness. This shift allows your load to be lighter and for you to see the truth of who you and others around you are. It also clears your focus, so the light that seemed like a dot in the distance, you realize it's actually bigger, brighter and closer than you thought. This shift also allows you to see how much you are loved and valued by your creator. And you will begin to see solutions and opportunities to make things better.

Second, ask yourself why am I here? Not looking outward to others, but being willing to look within and see if there is any part you played in your current situation. This can be very difficult. This means taking responsibility for your situation. The shift that is the result of this action is you will learn to look at self first and others second. And you will begin to realize patterns and behaviors that may have led you into some of your tough spots. Looking inward also allows you to extend grace and mercy to yourself and others and to put your situation in the right proportion to life. So, what you are facing won't seem so over-whelming and impossible.

Third, give thanks and praises. Learn how to be grateful for what is working in your life. Give thanks that no matter how bad your situation is, it could have been worse. Give thanks for nature, animals, friends, family, and all the beauty around you. Giving thanks, takes the focus off of you and your problems to the bigger picture of the wonders and beauty of life. It helps you to have peace in the midst of your storm and to praise God that this present pain is creating something great within you. Gratefulness allows you to help others while in your hard place and to participate in life. Praise to the creator keeps you humble and expecting miracles. The miracles of the everyday. For example, you made it safely to your destination, you are mentally sound, the love of your pets, friends, and family, even though you may hate your job, you have one. Praise says I believe in you God and I believe this present darkness is birthing greatness out of me.

So, the next time you feel like you are in the thick of things and there is no way out, shift your focus. Realize that it will get better and so will you. This situation is not permanent and there is a purpose to it. Learn your lessons quickly and do your Core Work. Extend the hand of grace and mercy to self and others and recognize the beauty and miracles around you. The truth is you may have some scratches and bruises, but they will heal. Most of all, you will come out wiser, stronger, more loving and living a purposeful life.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Big Bank Take Little Bank

Remember as children there was a statement, "Big bank takes little bank". This meant the one with the most money, power, age, etc... was the winner. This concept is still used today, but I would like to introduce a new way of looking at this concept. I think the big bank people are those in right position. People that have a foundation of faith, love, endurance, strength, and peace. These are the things that make them big. When we have these virtues in place we can live a purposeful life. A life that is seizing every moment and flow like the wind with God. Big bank people are those that start families, businesses, friendships, and fun with faith in the center and joy at the heart. It's not about position and money, but preparedness and favor. Big bank people are ready when called to step into action and do it with enthusiasm and love. They forgive quickly, have a positive attitude, and don't let setbacks become prisons. These people live for the moment and make the most of them. Big bank people will succeed because they learn to look inward instead of outward and draw from the divine for everything they need. So, the question to ask is, are you big bank or little bank? Because big bank people win! And the most awesome point of all is , they don't need to take little bank, but they help little bank people become big!

Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Show Time!

As there are seasons on the earth: winter, spring summer, and fall, there are also seasons in our lives when things shift and manifest. I believe we are in a major shift right now. This Springtime shift is a call to action. We must evaluate where we are, what we want to be doing, and what it will take to get there. This is a time of implementation. Pull out those plans, revisit your New Year's goals and resolutions and start checking off your lists. Take a look at what's outstanding and make a plan to work those projects. During this time focus is important and faith is essential. In this season courage and confidence must be the fuel that keeps you pushing forward no matter what. Now is not the time to doubt, fear, worry, and procrastinate. Everything you have experienced and acquired thus far in your life is ready to be activated to help you achieve your aspirations. Just like an entertainer, athlete, or public figure, on event day you use what you have studied, researched and experienced. Use your anxiety as adrenaline to help you endure on the hard days. Act now and watch as everything you need shifts with you and comes to your aid. Don't worry about money, people, resources, or locations. As you put in the work that is required watch as your movement towards purpose will cause miracles, favor and blessings to overtake you. So wondering what time it is? It's SHOW TIME! Work today and watch as your harvest begins to manifest tomorrow. 

Friday, March 15, 2013


    Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Isaiah 26:3

There is a flow and energy that is required for us to live our best lives. It's to be one with the creator of everything. I call it divine synchronicity.This synchronicity comes when we are surrendered to his will for our lives. Surrendering is trusting that God knows what's best, and knowing it will work out for our good. Secondly, surrendering is believing he created the universe and everything in it belongs to him. He is the Alpha and Omega. He is love. If I am living a surrendered life, then all I need will come to me. But, when I fight and rebel against God's plan for my life, I sabotage and delay everything that is trying and waiting to get to me. So, today I make the choice to be in sync with God. I choose to live in his divine flow and to embrace whatever process I am in at this moment. As we live in synchronicity with God we will experience peace, miracles, and blessings in every moment. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm Different, Yeah I'm Different!

In society there is a constant need for perfection. This perfection is usually driven by outside influences, values, and trends. Some look to TV, news, and the internet to see what needs to be obtained and sustained in order to reach a place of bliss and order. This perfection requires a constant striving, working, comparing, and worry. It's always looking to make sure that everything is in place, and that there is an image of fulfillment. But, Godly perfection, is very different and causes people to be different. It has you standing in your personal authenticity with confidence and boldness. The biblical translation of perfect/perfection is- complete, prepared, mended, restored, consecrated, and repaired. This kind of perfection starts on the inside and radiates outward. This perfection can only be accomplished through looking and healing what's inside of us. There is nothing about status, accomplishments, possessions, or being a part of the "it" group. It is a place that can only be recognized and lived out through relationship and communication with God. When we come to God in the stillness of prayer and meditation there is light, love, peace, and acceptance. And when we leave that space, we are light, love, peace, and acceptance. And the truth that radiates throughout our body and the knowing in our hearts and spirits is that I am enough. And then we begin to approach ourselves, life, and others in that place of love. This demeanor is what restores, heals, and prepares us for what we will face in life. I won't do what everyone else is doing, I won't be looking outward to find fulfillment, but I will get all that I need from the source of everything that is. Perfect love casts out fear. So, in His love I am loved, I am who He says I am and I will be and do what He commands me to do. There is freedom and joy in being able to declare, "I'm different, yeah I'm different!" 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Love Never Fails

"Love never fails." 1 Corinthians 13:8

I have heard many people say, "I am giving up on love." Usually this statement comes from hurt or frustration. The truth is love is readily available to all who want it. It is constant. People fail us, but love is reliable and ever-present. The real issue is people don't know what Godly love is. 
1 Corinthians 13:4-8 says this, " Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it its not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." Once we get this understanding and then live out these attributes in our relationships, we will experience our best lives. This love is forgiving, merciful, and faithful. Everything around us will begin to change as we embrace and live a love-centered life. But, most of all we will change. But this takes maturity, faith, and a reliance on God. If you want love, give love. How do I do this? you may ask. Live a God-centered life, live in the Now, forgive quickly, show mercy, and extend grace. As you first receive this for yourself and then to others you will notice all the miracles, blessings, and opportunities that are always right there waiting for you to receive them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Poor Me, Rich Me!

There are people who have a way of living and thinking that is ruled by a poverty mindset. What is a poverty mindset? Its living our lives beneath our full potential. Its the place where extremes from gluttony to starvation are commonplace. Its a place where there's never enough and or there's too much. How does this look in our lives? Its when we hold on too tight to people and things not allowing the situations to flow naturally. Its a place where worry and fear of what's next occupies your thoughts and actions. Its isolation with the narcissistic view of self, where every flaw is exaggerated. Its the place where the ego reigns. The place where we Edge God Out and we become the authority of our lives. This poverty is hidden by well intentions and manipulation. So how do we get rid of this? We take a long look at ourselves and say, who or what am I holding onto for dear life afraid that I will lose it? What or who am I keeping at bay afraid that intimacy will cause rejection or pain? Am I always cynical of people and life thinking there is no good or hope? If you have found yourself in any of these places, then its time to be set free. This can be achieved by having a relationship with God and balanced relationships with others where there's reciprocity. Secondly, by looking at your endeavors and finances realistically and making sure they are handled with truth and integrity. Partnering with those that can help you reach your goals. Third, its having a honest look at self. Seeing the good and bad, realizing that what's not good can be changed and made better and seeing what's good in yourself can be made great. Its replacing fear with courage and tenacity to achieve the life you desire. Fourth, its making your intentions and outlook positive. Think on good things and always know that things will and can change. Make sure that your hands are clean and your heart is pure and make your intention for the best outcome for self and others.  And finally, its learning how to serve others. Find a project, cause, person, and/or organization and serve them with your gifts, wisdom, finances, time, and love. Soon you will see the abundance that is all around you and you will create a life that is full of love, joy, opportunities, and adventures.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Core Work with U.L. Muhammad: Seasons Change! What's Your Choice?

Core Work with U.L. Muhammad: Seasons Change! What's Your Choice?

Seasons Change! What's Your Choice?

Choices have to made all the time in our lives. Some will have you believe that if you make the "right" choice, then everything in your life will come together smoothly. But, I have learned that to get to our win/win outcome we have to recognize when its time for change. Just like there are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. There are seasons in our lives when its time to make a change. There is a process to making those life-changing decisions and the process can be a hard and painful. Every moment is an opportunity to make a choice that will change your life for the better. What is this process? First, it begins with release. There has to be a release of the old in order to obtain the new. This can be a mindset, career, relationship, etc... And what you may have to give up may not be bad. It can mean that the season for its effectiveness in your life is over, or your effectiveness in that situation or relationship is over. Sometimes that uneasiness, frustration, and stagnation is the Spirit letting you know, its time for a shift and change in your life. This acknowledgement takes prayer, courage, and faith. Secondly, you have to pursue the new. After you have sensed there needs to be change, now look for what you need to be doing next. Sometimes when you let go of one thing, you don't know what's next for your life. If you find yourself in this place, ask yourself the following: What is my passion? What creative inspiration is gripping me at this moment? What cause has sparked my interest? What dream have I not pursued? Is this a time when I need to focus on inner healing? Take command of your life by pursuing what is beneficial and good for you in this next season.  And finally, win. Allow yourself to be at peace and joy in this new place. Allow that which is new and different to bless you. Adapt to your new mindset, surroundings, and endeavors and allow your light to shine in this new place in your new season. Change can be difficult, but when we do, we can get to our win/win place and the process will all make sense.