Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Show Time!

As there are seasons on the earth: winter, spring summer, and fall, there are also seasons in our lives when things shift and manifest. I believe we are in a major shift right now. This Springtime shift is a call to action. We must evaluate where we are, what we want to be doing, and what it will take to get there. This is a time of implementation. Pull out those plans, revisit your New Year's goals and resolutions and start checking off your lists. Take a look at what's outstanding and make a plan to work those projects. During this time focus is important and faith is essential. In this season courage and confidence must be the fuel that keeps you pushing forward no matter what. Now is not the time to doubt, fear, worry, and procrastinate. Everything you have experienced and acquired thus far in your life is ready to be activated to help you achieve your aspirations. Just like an entertainer, athlete, or public figure, on event day you use what you have studied, researched and experienced. Use your anxiety as adrenaline to help you endure on the hard days. Act now and watch as everything you need shifts with you and comes to your aid. Don't worry about money, people, resources, or locations. As you put in the work that is required watch as your movement towards purpose will cause miracles, favor and blessings to overtake you. So wondering what time it is? It's SHOW TIME! Work today and watch as your harvest begins to manifest tomorrow. 

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