Sunday, July 21, 2013

Independence Day!

Today is your day for a miracle. The day you drop the baggage, excuses, and drama. The day you embrace everything that will make your life great. So, today get still and allow the Holy Spirit to speak the truth of who you are. Not all your faults and shortcomings, but all the things that make you unique and fabulous. Today you aren't going to depend on anyone to make your life work, it's all on you to make the choices to help you realize your dreams. Get excited about it, run, jump, sing because today you are becoming your authentic self in all your glory! No one can stop this revolution within you but you. So, dig deep, inhale love, joy, and acceptance. And exhale anxiety, fear, lack, and doubt. Today you are making your debut to the world. You have been underground getting yourself together now it's time to reveal the results of your Extreme Life Makeover. Don't apologize for it and show people how to deal with the new and improved you. 

Praise and give thanks you made it to today, your Independence Day! Welcome Home!

Peace and Blessings- ULM

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  1. This is my independence day. Thank you for posting this empowering message. It is worth the time it takes for you to read how you can declare you independence from the world system and depend on God working through you to get up and get moving.


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