Thursday, January 28, 2016


Puff Daddy has a new song out called, Workin. This song talks about the hustle and working hard for what you want. We have to learn to be focused on what we need to do to make our lives work. We can't allow situations and people to distract us from the goals and plans we have made for ourselves.  This level of work requires discipline, commitment, and strategy. In this first quarter of 2016 make sure you put your personal, professional, and spiritual lives in order. Here's how the requirements can result in massive success for you this year:

Discipline- When you want things to work for you, you have to incorporate discipline into your life. Discipline requires consistency, time management, and follow-through. There are times you have to say "no" to the invitations and movies, there are decisions that you may have to make that others may not have to, discipline requires focus and dedication to your goal. Whether its to your spiritual growth, business, marriage, school, or health discipline is required for achieving your desired goal. Make sure you incorporate discipline in 2016.

Commitment- The plans and goals you have set for 2016 will only be realized with commitment. Commitment is staying with it when things are going great, and when you hit a roadblock, snag, or perceived failure. Commitment looks for an answer when things shift in a downward spiral. It is sometimes working while others are asleep. It is not allowing setbacks to stop you, but they make you change directions.  Fatigue, inconvenience, and finances are not resting places, but an opportunity for creativity and ingenuity to kick in for a unexpected way to be made. Commitment is the fuel for making your dreams a reality. 

Strategy- Every goal and plan has to have a strategy in order to make it happen. There must be step by step tasks that will lead to the end goal. Your strategy keeps you focused and enables you to gauge how far you've come and what's left for to accomplish to reach your goals. A vital part of strategy is vision. There must be a vision first and then the strategy puts feet on it. What is your game plan for 2016? What plan do you have to get out of debt? What strategy do you have in place to write your book? What is your business plan? What do you plan to do to turn your marriage around? Create a strategy and watch everything you do shift in your favor and what seemed impossible, is now your new normal.

This year we have to be determined to see our dreams become reality and our hard work pay off with great dividends. In order for this to happen we need discipline, commitment, and a strategy. When these things are in place you will reap a mighty harvest. So, the next time someone wants to waste your time or have you do something that you don't want  or need to do, just say, "Don't bother me, I'm working"!

Happy New Year, New You

Unitha L. Muhammad