Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Poor Me, Rich Me!

There are people who have a way of living and thinking that is ruled by a poverty mindset. What is a poverty mindset? Its living our lives beneath our full potential. Its the place where extremes from gluttony to starvation are commonplace. Its a place where there's never enough and or there's too much. How does this look in our lives? Its when we hold on too tight to people and things not allowing the situations to flow naturally. Its a place where worry and fear of what's next occupies your thoughts and actions. Its isolation with the narcissistic view of self, where every flaw is exaggerated. Its the place where the ego reigns. The place where we Edge God Out and we become the authority of our lives. This poverty is hidden by well intentions and manipulation. So how do we get rid of this? We take a long look at ourselves and say, who or what am I holding onto for dear life afraid that I will lose it? What or who am I keeping at bay afraid that intimacy will cause rejection or pain? Am I always cynical of people and life thinking there is no good or hope? If you have found yourself in any of these places, then its time to be set free. This can be achieved by having a relationship with God and balanced relationships with others where there's reciprocity. Secondly, by looking at your endeavors and finances realistically and making sure they are handled with truth and integrity. Partnering with those that can help you reach your goals. Third, its having a honest look at self. Seeing the good and bad, realizing that what's not good can be changed and made better and seeing what's good in yourself can be made great. Its replacing fear with courage and tenacity to achieve the life you desire. Fourth, its making your intentions and outlook positive. Think on good things and always know that things will and can change. Make sure that your hands are clean and your heart is pure and make your intention for the best outcome for self and others.  And finally, its learning how to serve others. Find a project, cause, person, and/or organization and serve them with your gifts, wisdom, finances, time, and love. Soon you will see the abundance that is all around you and you will create a life that is full of love, joy, opportunities, and adventures.


  1. wow you're moving in the spirit. I need to take each one of the steps. God must have revealed this to you.

  2. wow you're moving in the spirit. I need to take each one of the steps. God must have revealed this to you.


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