Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm Different, Yeah I'm Different!

In society there is a constant need for perfection. This perfection is usually driven by outside influences, values, and trends. Some look to TV, news, and the internet to see what needs to be obtained and sustained in order to reach a place of bliss and order. This perfection requires a constant striving, working, comparing, and worry. It's always looking to make sure that everything is in place, and that there is an image of fulfillment. But, Godly perfection, is very different and causes people to be different. It has you standing in your personal authenticity with confidence and boldness. The biblical translation of perfect/perfection is- complete, prepared, mended, restored, consecrated, and repaired. This kind of perfection starts on the inside and radiates outward. This perfection can only be accomplished through looking and healing what's inside of us. There is nothing about status, accomplishments, possessions, or being a part of the "it" group. It is a place that can only be recognized and lived out through relationship and communication with God. When we come to God in the stillness of prayer and meditation there is light, love, peace, and acceptance. And when we leave that space, we are light, love, peace, and acceptance. And the truth that radiates throughout our body and the knowing in our hearts and spirits is that I am enough. And then we begin to approach ourselves, life, and others in that place of love. This demeanor is what restores, heals, and prepares us for what we will face in life. I won't do what everyone else is doing, I won't be looking outward to find fulfillment, but I will get all that I need from the source of everything that is. Perfect love casts out fear. So, in His love I am loved, I am who He says I am and I will be and do what He commands me to do. There is freedom and joy in being able to declare, "I'm different, yeah I'm different!" 


  1. Love this. The ability to embrace who we are in Christ and thru Christ is crucial.

  2. Love this. The ability to embrace who we are in Christ and thru Christ is crucial.

  3. Well written out! A great reminder start with the inside and then out!!!

  4. Love the part about truth radiating from the inside, out. Beautiful image of God!


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