Monday, June 10, 2013

In The Thick Of Things

There are times when we may feel like we are tangled up and bound by the situations we are facing in life. The times when trouble and turmoil abound and frustration has become our friend. In these moments we tend to be depressed, moody, critical, sad, and short-tempered. And usually the light at the end of the tunnel seems like a dot in the distance.
In these moments I believe there is something great being done. In these tough places greatness is being developed. Pain is being used as the refiner's tool in shaping you to become who you are in your essence. Some think the painful places are here to make people cynical, angry and bitter. But, the truth is this is the place of birthing out the next level of who you are. How do I become this when all hell is breaking loose in my life? By shifting your focus and your thoughts to the true intentions of the situation. Here are some ways you can shift your place of pain to your place of triumph:

First, tap into the source of everything - God. When we learn how to go to the divine it's releasing the burdens of our current situation to one that can handle it all. It is taking the pain and putting in a safe place. It's tapping into peace, love, and forgiveness. This shift allows your load to be lighter and for you to see the truth of who you and others around you are. It also clears your focus, so the light that seemed like a dot in the distance, you realize it's actually bigger, brighter and closer than you thought. This shift also allows you to see how much you are loved and valued by your creator. And you will begin to see solutions and opportunities to make things better.

Second, ask yourself why am I here? Not looking outward to others, but being willing to look within and see if there is any part you played in your current situation. This can be very difficult. This means taking responsibility for your situation. The shift that is the result of this action is you will learn to look at self first and others second. And you will begin to realize patterns and behaviors that may have led you into some of your tough spots. Looking inward also allows you to extend grace and mercy to yourself and others and to put your situation in the right proportion to life. So, what you are facing won't seem so over-whelming and impossible.

Third, give thanks and praises. Learn how to be grateful for what is working in your life. Give thanks that no matter how bad your situation is, it could have been worse. Give thanks for nature, animals, friends, family, and all the beauty around you. Giving thanks, takes the focus off of you and your problems to the bigger picture of the wonders and beauty of life. It helps you to have peace in the midst of your storm and to praise God that this present pain is creating something great within you. Gratefulness allows you to help others while in your hard place and to participate in life. Praise to the creator keeps you humble and expecting miracles. The miracles of the everyday. For example, you made it safely to your destination, you are mentally sound, the love of your pets, friends, and family, even though you may hate your job, you have one. Praise says I believe in you God and I believe this present darkness is birthing greatness out of me.

So, the next time you feel like you are in the thick of things and there is no way out, shift your focus. Realize that it will get better and so will you. This situation is not permanent and there is a purpose to it. Learn your lessons quickly and do your Core Work. Extend the hand of grace and mercy to self and others and recognize the beauty and miracles around you. The truth is you may have some scratches and bruises, but they will heal. Most of all, you will come out wiser, stronger, more loving and living a purposeful life.