Monday, February 4, 2013

Seasons Change! What's Your Choice?

Choices have to made all the time in our lives. Some will have you believe that if you make the "right" choice, then everything in your life will come together smoothly. But, I have learned that to get to our win/win outcome we have to recognize when its time for change. Just like there are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. There are seasons in our lives when its time to make a change. There is a process to making those life-changing decisions and the process can be a hard and painful. Every moment is an opportunity to make a choice that will change your life for the better. What is this process? First, it begins with release. There has to be a release of the old in order to obtain the new. This can be a mindset, career, relationship, etc... And what you may have to give up may not be bad. It can mean that the season for its effectiveness in your life is over, or your effectiveness in that situation or relationship is over. Sometimes that uneasiness, frustration, and stagnation is the Spirit letting you know, its time for a shift and change in your life. This acknowledgement takes prayer, courage, and faith. Secondly, you have to pursue the new. After you have sensed there needs to be change, now look for what you need to be doing next. Sometimes when you let go of one thing, you don't know what's next for your life. If you find yourself in this place, ask yourself the following: What is my passion? What creative inspiration is gripping me at this moment? What cause has sparked my interest? What dream have I not pursued? Is this a time when I need to focus on inner healing? Take command of your life by pursuing what is beneficial and good for you in this next season.  And finally, win. Allow yourself to be at peace and joy in this new place. Allow that which is new and different to bless you. Adapt to your new mindset, surroundings, and endeavors and allow your light to shine in this new place in your new season. Change can be difficult, but when we do, we can get to our win/win place and the process will all make sense.


  1. Knowing that there are seasons definitely helps make the process much more clear.

  2. This is a universally timed message that reached me just when I needed it to. Thank you for sharing it. I release the old to embrace the new order... Keep Going


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