Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Life Lessons Learned in 2014!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

On this journey of life we can think we got it made and have arrived at our best selves. But life has a funny way of reminding us we are still in process. In 2014 I learned some key lessons that will bless me for years to come. We have heard the scripture many times that God will work it out for our good. But, this came alive for me in many ways. I hope by me sharing how revelation came to me, you will be encouraged when you are faced with your challenging areas. Know that you are not alone and it will work out for your good. Here are 3 Life Lessons Learned in 2014:

  1. Let go of people and places that no longer serve you- Sometimes we want to hold on to people who aren't holding onto us. We want the best for them, we spend countless hours praying, speaking positive affirmations over them, encouraging them, and most of all enabling them. But, I learned that only when we step back and allow God to be their saviour can real transformation occur in their lives. I had to let go of some people, I had to let go of some familiar places that kept me stuck in a cycle of co-dependence, shame, guilt, and toxicity. It was hard and I had to grieve my losses, but they were replaced with healthier, affirming people and places in my life.
  2. Give people the benefit of the doubt- I was already using this lesson in my life, but was shocked when I realized there was an area it was not being utilized. The place of previous hurt. I realized I was judging and viewing some in an old lens. It was those who represented a previous hurt, disappointment, betrayal or abandonment. It wasn't unforgiveness I was experiencing, but thinking they were still in a place they had long departed from. This lesson was hard because sometimes we also judge people based on other peoples experiences with them, instead of using our own judgment and current encounter with them. People grow all the time. I'm not the person I was years ago. Even when we exhibit similar behaviours it doesn't mean we are the same.
  3. Perception is everything- How we see a thing, is how it will be for us. We have to learn to gather all the evidence and check things out before jumping to conclusions and assumptions. We have to keep our mouths off of situations and people without all the facts. It doesn't matter who tells you something, verify before you pass judgment or an opionion. It will save you a lot of pain, drama, and confusion. 
As I grew to new levels in 2014, I hope you did also. If not, I hope you can take my words of wisdom to guide you in 2015. Have a great year as you experience the #Overflow2015!

Peace & Blessings~ U.L. Muhammad

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